Due to polluted atmosphere, unhygienic living conditions and global warming many viral deceases are being spread like wild fire for which treatment has become very costly. Economically poor people including higher middle class people are unable to meet the medical expenses, and utilize the facilities given by Government under various schemes and also packages given by various Insurance Companies. This is mainly due to unawareness and lack of education and also various rules and regulations framed by Government and also Insurance Companies. To overcome this problem at least to some extent some of the retired senior officers of Singareni Colleries have created the above named Trust with the following aims and objects.


To enlighten the public regarding the various types of viral and chronic deceases and treatment requored for it and give them the required treatment on cost to cost basis. To achieve this object the trust has two options before it. One to have a tie up with other corporate hospitals (with similar mind setup) and second to have its own hospital either in rented building or own building. As on date the trust has already entered into an understanding with some senior and experienced Doctors in the City.

Our Mission

  • To raise awareness about various Medical and Health programs,schemes carried out in various Villages within India and to increase the ease with which Medical Care can reach them
  • To increase transparency in charity activities by identifying and auditing charitable activities.
  • To function as an effective reach out mechanism for voluntary organizations who lack the resources and technology to showcase their work in the social sector.
  • To bring greater efficiency in the chain of operations and progressively reduce the cost of health/medical costs.
  • To sensitize people about the necessity and significance of giving back to the society.
  • Our Charity firmly believes that by commitment,people engagement and the usage of technology,it is possible to bring a holistic and positive outlook towards charity and voluntary work for the benefit of the disadvantaged.

Our Vision

  • Our Association Aspires to be a charity platform, via which contributions can be made by broadening the base of givers to affordable Medical cares, by effective and efficient usage of technology and resources.
  • Our aim is to aid and offer various services to poor people like Medical Camps, Mobile Medical Van, Free Medical Care, heart surgery, Charity for Heart surgery, general health camp.
  • The Trustees are philanthropists and dignitaries belonging to various business and religious community who have actively joined the foundation along with other individuals who have devoted time and money to strengthen it.
  • Help and assistance is sought from luminaries to help the foundation to successfully attain its goal.
  • The Foundation helps and will continue to help deserving patients to undergo heart surgery as well as other major surgeries. However, with escalating treatment cost and falling interest rates the foundation finds itself Financially Challenged.


Initially to start the hospital in a rented building with minimum infrastructure the trust requires at least 1 or 2 crore rupees which includes 30 to 40 lakh rupees per month towards runing expenditure. To have a regular and permanent establishment with 100 bedded hospital with regular testing labs, operation theatres and consulting rooms for Doctors, the trust requires at least 3 to 4 crore rupees. To start with the trustees have initially contributed Rupees one lakh and decided to go for contributions from various people and business men.


In the circumstances the Trustees decided to requst the PHILANTHROPISTS to extend their helping hand and contribute either in cash or in kind and support the trust to achieve its objects.


The retired and practicing medical professionals who are interested in charitable services may contact the Secretary, so that the Trust can arrange a platfrom for them to do such service.


Sri M. SHIVARAMA KOTI REDDY (Secretary Of The Trust)
Mobile No: +91 9505865363.


The names of the donor and the amount donated or this services offered will be exhibited in the trust's web site to have transparency in the activities of the trust.

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